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Standby Generators

A residential generator is installed permanently outside your home and is available in different sizes. After a power outage occurs the generator starts up automatically, usually within 10 seconds, and will continue to provide power to your preselected circuits. A smaller generator will supply plenty of power to your refrigerator, lighting, television, computer and furnace or air conditioner. A larger residential generator can handle pretty much everything in the home including large wine cellars, security system and multiple air conditioners or heaters. Call us to discuss the best size for your home.
At the office, we use and recommend the Lennox Home Generator. The Lennox Home generator performs a 20-minute full speed, self diagnostic test each week to ensure it is performing correctly. Please be aware when shopping for and installing a generator that you have something that is safe and reliable. We will work with you to recommend the best solution for your home and to make sure the equipment is installed correctly!

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